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Deep cleaning Services for Care Homes & Nursing Homes

Ashley Cleaning Services are cleaning contractors providing an immediate solution to Covid-19 contamination. Our rapid response teams can be available at short notice.

At Ashley Cleaning Services we offer deep cleaning and antiviral fogging to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. All products used are authenticated and come with assurance documentation.

Our Fogging Service is the most effective service for dealing with the coronavirus.

A fogging service, unlike conventional cleaning, kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. As an alternative to conventional specialist cleaning, fogging kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. As a further example, conventional cleaning is not enough to get rid of MRSA. Fogging IS effective at removing MRSA and kills a wide range of pathogens.


Following the Government Covid 19 guidelines, we have been working closely with our suppliers and industry associates to source the best products and procedures to help reduce the risk or exposure to the virus.

We provide fogging services to care homes and nursing homes and have nationwide presence. The fogging mist can remain in the air long enough to kill airborne viral and bacterial contamination. Walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, soft fabrics and hard surfaces are all subjected to the fogging process, which leaves an anti -viral, anti-bacterial coating on surfaces and kills 99.999% of pathogens within seconds.

  • All touchpoints and hard surfaces are wiped clean using a professional viricide solution before the fogging process.

  • We can also clean carpets, and upholstery before the fogging process if required.

  • When fogging has taken place, the location fogged needs to be empty of personnel for at least one hour.

  • The effects of this sanitisation can last up to 8 weeks.

  • This decontamination service can also be completed using a biotechnological and environmentally safe solution which offers superior performance and is food safe.

Our fogging and deep clean service is available for commercial and residential properties across London including Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Enfield. Our prices are competitive, we have taken into consideration the difficult situations many businesses are facing to keep costs affordable.

Please get in touch for a quote, call 0800 0234 058 or email for more information.


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