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Ashley Cleaning Services London: Head office

Our Head Office in Enfield

1a-1b Chase Green Avenue, Enfield, London.

As a privately held cleaning company in London, we understand how important it is to keep a competitive edge, and our customised office cleaning packages make sure that your company leaves a positive first impression for your brand.

About Ashley Cleaning

At Ashley Cleaning Services Limited we pride ourselves on the personal touch and give attention to detail. We have been providing the commercial industry with our bespoke services for the last 35 years; our clients are our number one priority.

It is our belief that corporate responsibility is essential to the achievement of our core business objective, which is to deliver sustained quality facility solutions in conjunction with client’s demands. 

This means that we seek to ensure that a responsible business practice is fully integrated into the management of our operations and into the culture of all divisions of our business. 

We strive to continually improve our quality systems, health and safety policies and environmental charter via best practice, consultation and continuous improvement. 

As a market leader, Ashley Cleaning Services Limited use cutting edge technology in conjunction with a number of our national clients, working in partnership to reduce pollution and energy demands on our planet.  

Directors' Personal Message

Our mission is to be both our existing and future customer’s first choice.

To deliver a service of outstanding quality at a competitive cost through working efficiently together.

To grow and develop for the benefit of all parties.

Paul Webb & Craig Sorrell
Managing Directors

Paul Webb and Craig Sorrell, directors at ashley cleaning services in Enfield London.png
Members of Ashley Cleaning Services staff enjoying a chat. From dusty beginnings to sparkling success, we've been making businesses shine since 1987.

From dusty beginnings to sparkling success, we've been making businesses shine since 1987.

Our starting point delivered our services to clients around the north London area, where we had our first office above a family run hairdressers. Without cutting corners we swiftly expanded our operation to enable delivery of our services to customers throughout London. 

Over the past 35 years we have worked and grown with many of our clients' and are proud to facilitate companies in London, Enfield, Hertfordshire, Essex, Birmingham and Manchester.

Our attitude to being able to deliver this service has stayed the same through understanding our clients' demands along with providing a structure and cost that gives our clients satisfaction and a quality service.

Clean Spaces, Happy Faces.

We believe a spotless environment leads to better work and brighter days for everyone.

At Ashley Cleaning we realise the key to our success and total customer satisfaction is consistency. We provide our personnel with training, the correct equipment and the materials they need to carry out their responsibilities as effectively as possible. This entails treating our team with respect and gratitude. By creating a healthy work atmosphere, our staff provide exceptional service.

​Our industry tries to succeed far too frequently by simply providing the cheapest service. These businesses must therefore pay the minimum wage. Minimum salary yields minimal outcomes. Ashley Cleaning Services attracts excellent personnel who deliver exceptional service by paying and providing benefits that are much above the industry norm. The secret to our success is found there. Understanding the needs of our customers and offering a structure and price that meets their needs results in satisfaction and exceptional service.

Comprehensive Care

Beyond Just Commercial Cleaning

With a customised cleaning programme, cleaned by ashley offer a wide range of hygiene and maintenance services to keep your premises in good order both inside and out. We are so much more than just an commercial cleaning company!

Meet The Team
Our Cleaning Superheroes!

We have 2000+ members of staff! It is impossible to add them all here. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing you with only the best service we can possibly provide. It shows in everything we do, from how we assess your specifications on an ongoing basis, to how we respond to the changing needs of your business. At Ashley Cleaning Services we value our people and always make sure they have everything they need to succeed. We give them: Respect, Support and Appreciation.

If you love cleaning, have a caring nature, a professional manner and are interested in joining our team then we would love to hear from you. With a myriad of cleaning options which cover all aspects of cleaning services we deliver to our clients peace of mind, continuity and economies of scale.

Check our latest vacancies available and Join our team of commercial cleaning professionals.

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