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After Event Cleaning Services London

We're a professional event cleaning company offering specialist decontamination services. From Sporting Events; Music concerts; Festivals; Product Launches; Conferences; Corporate hospitality; Horse racing; Trade Shows and more! Let us get to work cleaning up your venue.

Venue Cleaning Services - London | Enfield | Hertfordshire

Cleaning your next event with Ashley Cleaning Services.

You don’t have to hire your own cleaning staff for venue cleaning services. You can schedule us to do it for you. We handle everything from the collection and disposal of rubbish to the cleaning and sterilisation of all floors and surfaces.

In addition to cleaning commercial and industrial business facilities, Ashley Contract Cleaners provides venue cleaning services for entertainment venues that have a large space to cover and need help from a professional cleaning crew to handle. Ashley Cleaning London can clean these venues on a regular basis or after an event such as a concert or sporting contest.

We work with many different organisations to take care of their cleaning needs. We can clean your venue from top to bottom. Major events with large attendance leave behind a big mess to clean up. Our team can come in and handle the cleaning after a major event. You’ll love the convenience of using us to handle post-event clean-up, especially if you have a tight schedule and need to have your venue cleaned quickly for your next event.

Let us get to work cleaning up your venue. We shall be there for you after any event. Contact Ashley Cleaning services on 0800 0234 058 to schedule the venue cleaning services you need or click on the button below to enquire about your cleaning needs.

At Ashley Cleaning Services Limited we pride ourselves on the personal touch and give attention to detail. We have been providing the commercial industry with our bespoke services for the last 30 years; our clients are our number one priority.

It is our belief that corporate responsibility is essential to the achievement of our core business objective, which is to deliver sustained quality facility solutions in conjunction with client’s demands.

This means that we seek to ensure that a responsible business practice is fully integrated into the management of our operations and into the culture of all divisions of our business.

We strive to continually improve our quality systems, health and safety policies and environmental charter via best practice, consultation and continuous improvement.

As a market leader, Ashley Cleaning Services Limited use cutting edge technology in conjunction with a number of our national clients, working in partnership to reduce pollution and energy demands on our planet.



30 years of


We have the know-how you need.



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