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spring clean your london offices


The days are getting longer, winter is drawing to a close, and it’s beginning to feel like spring. It's time to call in the professional cleaning team to ensure your workspace is germ free.

Is your office a germ hangout?

Did you know an office desk has more germs than a toilet seat!

You need to know why spring cleaning your office is important. You may need help from a passionate business cleaning service. Office productivity is often a topic of concern for facility managers and professionals, follow our guide initiatives and operations leading into the 2019 spring season.

Here are more reasons for cleaning your office regularly.

A clean office is an happy office. A dirty office space affects morale. It sets the wrong mood as soon as you walk in the door. You can brighten everyone’s day by maintaining a clean office.

A clean office has fewer sick days. A dirty office allows more germs to spread to more workers. Then more workers get sick from exposure. A clean office will reduce exposure to germs, resulting in healthier workers. And after this past flu season, a professional, experienced cleaner could be deeply needed.

A clean office projects an image. Imagine a visitor seeing a dirty office space. What does that image project to them about how you conduct business. A clean office says you care enough about your business to keep it clean.

A clean office improves productivity. Using a regularly scheduled professional cleaning service allows you to save time in your business or office. While office managers will often ask their employees to chip in and clean, this uses time and resources better focused on work at hand. And even better – a clean office is organized and productive for your team.

Creating a happy, healthy and clean office may lead to a more productive workforce. Make sure that you have easily accessible hand and surface sanitizing products and supply tissues throughout the office. Set aside time for personal work space clean ups. 

Ensure your windows are clean and sparkly, this easy solution makes a huge difference to your office environment.




Your offices are part of your business image and often give clients a lasting impression. A clean and attractive office can reflect positively on your company. We can do the cleaning for you, letting you focus on running your business. You can rest easy knowing your offices are being cleaned by a trusted and insured London cleaning company that have the experience and integrity to handle your commercial cleaning needs with efficiency and discretion.

Commercial cleaning is our specialty. Every member of the Ashley Cleaning Team are experienced in commercial cleaning and office cleaning at all levels, ensuring that your premises will be thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction every time. We also offer janitorial services and building maintenance, giving your company the convenience of a one-stop contractor for all your commercial cleaning and maintenance needs.


We specalise in window and solar panel cleaning, whether it is general, cradle, harness or abseil we cater for all your requirements.

Roof Access & Ladder Work Reach & Wash Systems Cradle Work Hydraulic Platform / Cherry Picker Work Abseiling, Harnesses & Eyebolt Work All Aspects of Industrial Cleaning Class A1 Anchor Installation, Testing & Inspection


We are experts in commercial kitchen deep cleaning services. We provide specialist kitchen decarbonising of equipment and duct-work cleaning for large restaurant chains, schools and hospital kitchens nationwide.

We provide a complete deep cleaning service to kitchens of all kinds: including pubs, clubs, restaurants, residential homes, nursing homes, staff canteens, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, hotels, fast food outlets, and catering establishments.

We deep clean shelving, free standing units, and appliances (including deep fryers, grills, flat cook tops, ranges, ovens, refrigerators and walk-in refrigerators). In a deep clean, ceilings, walls, floors, shelving, and doors are all hygienically cleaned by the method which suits that particular kitchen.

Our most discerning chefs and their customers depend on us to do it right the first time.


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