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School cleaning services in #London with Ashley Cleaning Services. We have over 30 years of experience in offering competitive cleaning services to schools, colleges, universities and nursery facilities

We work with schools and educational facilities in London and throughout the UK.

We understand how important it is for you to keep your schools, universities and colleges looking clean in order to make a great first impression on your future students, their families and your faculty. To attract people to your educational institution, it is imperative for it to be kept clean. Don't take the chance of parents and students getting an unfavourable opinion of the school's merits based on a shabby and unkempt appearance.

We offer school, college and university cleaning services that include:

  • General Cleaning

  • Reception Areas

  • Washroom and Bathroom

  • Deep Cleaning to floors and carpets

  • Staff Rooms and Offices

  • Restaurant, Bar and Canteen Deep Cleaning

  • Classrooms, Lecture and Seminar Rooms

  • Auditoriums, Assembly Rooms, Sports Rooms and Gyms

  • Accommodation and Dormitories

  • Window Cleaning

  • Pressure washing for grounds

  • Stripping and repolishing hard floors

  • Scrubber dryer machining for hard floors such as changing room floors and gym floors

  • Hot water extraction cleaning for carpets and fabrics

  • Upholstery and curtain cleaning

  • Steam cleaning for kitchen areas

Cleaned by Ashley works on a flexible schedule and is able to work quickly and efficiently to ensure your premises are at the highest level of health and safety cleanliness and leave your students, teachers and staff with a positive and pleasant experience. We offer College Cleaning and School Cleaning Services in London and nationwide at an affordable price.

Ashley Cleaning Services have extensive experience of working with education establishments across the country; from nurseries right through to universities and adult learning providers. All our staff who work on school premises are subject to Advanced DBS checks, and we only use cleaning operatives with previous experience of working in the education sector.

Health & Safety assured

The health and safety of students, staff and the general public is of paramount importance.

Our cleaning operatives will always ensure that all cleaning products and equipment are safely locked away at the end of each day. We ensure rigorous training and assessment of all our staff and cleaning partners across the UK.

We're a nationwide educational cleaning company

School,Nursery & Education Cleaning

With infection control measures becoming a top priority for many schools and colleges, the quality cleaning service provided by Ashley Cleaning Services is a tried and tested solution. Our experience in education spans all learning sectors from universities and colleges to primary schools and pre-schools.

School, Nursery & Educations Cleaning

Could your learning environment be cleaner and healthier?

With infection control measures becoming a top priority for many schools and colleges, the quality cleaning service provided by CleanedbyAshley is why most educational facilities chose us, first at every time.

Ashley Cleaning Contract Services UK are a Commercial & Office Cleaning Company, we provide professional regular (contract) cleaning for both Private and Public Sector clients and have a great deal of expertise in the education sector.

Ashley Cleaning Services clean Nurseries, Schools & Colleges across the UK with over 30 years in business ; it’s this experience and expertise that makes Ashley Cleaning an unmatched contract cleaning solution for your educational establishment.

We understand that every University, School, College and Nursery have their own unique cleaning requirements, so we work in partnership with you to ensure we provide the most suitable cleaning solution to meet each sites bespoke needs.

We provide everything from daily dusting, vacuuming and cleaning windows and furniture through to periodic deep cleans for carpets and wooden floor treatments. We even use our own branded chemicals to ensure your facility is left spotlessly clean.

Depending on the type of educational facility you are, different types of expertise might be required. In elementary schools or preschools, you must take into consideration younger children’s immune systems are not as resilient as those of the older students.

High traffic areas are different depending on the type of educational facility, too. Ashley Cleaning has the knowledge to clean any type of facility, regardless of their needs.

Ashley Cleaning provides cleaning services to these types of educational facilities:

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Technical and Vocational School Campuses

  • K-12, private and charter schools

  • High Schools

With over 30 years cleaning experience, we have the

know-how you need!


Get in touch today for a free quote on 0800 0234 058.

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Educational facilities management commercial services.


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