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Next Day COVID Carpet Cleaning Services in London

Carpet cleaning is an essential service for your workspace for COVID-19 since carpets can easily contain the virus once it is spread to areas of a home from cough droplets. The powerful chemical agents and steam cleaning provided by carpet cleaning can kill the virus on these frequently used surfaces.

Covid-19 is spread from person to person through contact that allows an infected person to breathe the virus into or near the airways of another person. In addition to this direct contact, the virus can also be spread through cough droplets that can easily be deposited onto any number and type of surfaces, including carpets and upholstery.

Effective cleaning with the proper chemicals and steam cleaning procedures can ensure that the virus is eliminated from these surfaces and the structures are kept free from potential damage.

An essential service is best defined as a service needed by the public that ensures that basic necessities are available (doctors, food markets, financial institutions), and also provide services that may be necessary to negate the effects of COVID-19 – which is where carpet cleaning services come into play.

Carpets can offer similar environmental threats whether they are used in offices, churches, restaurants or homes. The level of threat increases when the carpets are used in high traffic areas because of dust, food, germs, viruses, allergens, and mites come with the people walking over them.

Germs and viruses thrive in your carpets on the food and liquid particles that fall on them from time to time. By removing viruses and bacteria you can provide a healthy and safe environment for your employees, customers and clients.

Carpets in the workplace play an important role not just aesthetically to compliment the décor but as a filter that absorbs airborne dust. When a carpet is dirty not only does it generally make the area look unclean but the filter is full leaving the airborne dust and grime nowhere to go but to stay floating around in the air.

Create a hygienic first impression with our commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Our highly skilled, carpet cleaning team have been professionally cleaning carpets in commercial and office spaces for over 30 years. As well as cleaning carpets for leading brands’ headquarters and offices, we are responsible for maintaining flawless floors in schools, health centres and hospitals and government and local authority buildings.

Whether you require a one-off, deep carpet clean to revive tired, stained floor coverings, or regular contract carpet cleaning to keep your carpets maintained and looking like new, we can develop a cost-effective, custom cleaning schedule to suit.

Equipped with the latest professional cleaning equipment Ashley Cleaning use the industries leading brands in both carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning chemicals. We guarantee to leave your carpets looking pristine and smelling fresh. We also include enhanced stain protection, protecting and guarding your carpets against future stains and marks.

Office carpets are prone to stains and spills, particularly in high-traffic areas around workstations. We aim to eradicate all stubborn marks – including tea and coffee stains, from carpets and rugs, office chairs, sofa upholstery and curtains.

While recommendations for removing COVID-19 from carpet can only be based on existing methods for dealing with general coronaviruses, having your carpets professionally steam cleaned can help ease your mind about the presence of the virus. The issue of cleaning carpets is especially sensitive in facilities such as nurseries and schools, in particular primary, where younger children are likely to sit on, and touch, the carpets – which, of course, increases the likelihood of children coming into contact with any germs harboured by your carpets.

If you require a one-off clean or alternatively feel a routine maintenance program would suit your business better, call us on 0800 0234 058 or email us


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