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We offer a full and extensive IT equipment cleaning service throughout the UK.


Whilst a cleaning service is performed around your staff, often their working tools can be forgotten. Taking time and care, we are happy to build into our cleaning program a suitable structure of cleaning computer screens, keyboards and telephone systems. This helps maintain, clean and leaves areas germ free.

For over 30 years, Ashley Cleaning has been London's leader in reliable High-Tech Precision Cleaning Services for Data Centre Office environments.

Our trained teams of account managers and service technicians have extensive experience in servicing technical and highly sensitive Data Centre Environments. Our precision cleaning will reduce dust, dirt, debris, equipment overheating and airborne contaminants that are hazardous to both network equipment operation and employee health. Join our growing list of corporate clients and be part of our leading edge precision cleaning services in London. 

Are You Having Any of These Office Problems?

Computer Problems • Soiled keyboards? • Dusty monitors? • Grimy mouse? • Clogged CPU fans?

Printer Problems • Soiled exterior? • Paper jamming? • Ink/toner spills? • Airborne contaminants?

Telephone Problems • Soiled exterior? • Contaminated handset? • Contaminated cradle? • Sticky keypad? • Phone odour?

In today’s busy corporate climate, people are spending up to 25% of their time at the office working, meeting deadlines and relying heavily on their Office Equipment to accomplish these everyday tasks.

Creating an environment where staff can be happy, comfortable, motivated, healthy and where equipment is clean, sanitised and operational should be paramount. Daily use of Computers, Printers and Telephones will result in contaminated keyboards, dusty monitors, dirty mice, clogged CPU fans, ink/toner spills, paper jams, poor print quality, telephone handset germs, keypad grime and generally unhygienic office equipment.

Ashley Cleaning Services provide Nationwide affordable IT cleaning solutions from our highly trained staff using specialised cleaning and decontamination techniques including “Anti-Static Microfiber Cloths”, and customised “HEPA Filter Vacuums”.  Our service technicians use tried and tested techniques so we will not disrupt any ongoing work.

Protect your electronic and telephone equipment today. We can take care of a one-time request and simply clean all your keyboards, or we can provide you with a regular maintenance program to prevent dust and grime from slowing down your electronic equipment. No matter the size or complexity of the task, we have the resources and manpower to handle your needs.


We can clean and disinfect all sensitive electronic equipment. The following is a partial list of the equipment we clean and disinfect. For a complete quotation, including equipment not on this list, please fill in this form and one of our representatives will contact you and prepare a personal quotation.


Adding Machine Air Conditioner Alarm Keypad Alignment Machine Answering Machine Automatic Teller Machine [ATM] Backup Unit Cabinet (inside) Calculator Call Display Card Swipe Cash Dispenser Cash Register Cerlox Chart Reader Cheque Writer Connector Box Control Panel Controller Copier - Small, Medium, Large, Large w/ sorter Cordless Base CPU Case Credit Card/Debit Machine Cupboard (inside) Debit/Credit Card Machine Dictaphone Docking Station Charger Fax Machine Handle Head Set Amplifier Hub Inside CPU Keyboard Keyboard Tray Kitchen High Touch Laptop Magcard Mailing Machine Mechanical Machine Megtec Card Microfiche Unit

Modem Money Counter Monitor Mouse Mouse Stand Multi Function Machine Pager Palm Pilot Paper Punch Pedestal Stand Pencil Sharpener Photocopier - Small, Medium, Large, Large w/sorter Pin/Swipe Machine Plotter Postage Metre Power Box Power Unit Printer - Small, Medium, Large, Large w/sorter Printer Server Projector Protectograph Receipt Machine Remote control Roladex Router Shredder Switchboard Telephone Telephone - Cordless Telephone Charger (Cell or Cordless) Television Terminal Typewriter UPS VCR VLT VMT Equipment Wyse Boxe …and more


Professional Contract and Office Cleaning Services London

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Cleaned by Ashley At Ashley Cleaning Services Limited we pride ourselves on the personal touch and give attention to detail. We have been providing the commercial industry with our bespoke services for the last 30 years; our clients are our number one priority. It is our belief that corporate responsibility is essential to the achievement of our core business objective, which is to deliver sustained quality facility solutions in conjunction with client’s demands. This means that we seek to ensure that a responsible business practice is fully integrated into the management of our operations and into the culture of all divisions of our business. We strive to continually improve our quality systems, health and safety policies and environmental charter via best practice, consultation and continuous improvement. As a market leader, Ashley Cleaning Services Limited use cutting edge technology in conjunction with a number of our national clients, working in partnership to reduce pollution and energy demands on our planet.


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