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Give Your Hard Floors Some TLC


We provide an extensive range of floor treatments to suit your commercial requirements.  Granite | Marble | Terrazzo | Mosaic | Tile | Quarry | Vinyl | linoleum | Thermo-plastic | Parquet & Polished Hard Wood Flooring. Any finish can be improved with the correct care service. 

As a specialist Hard Floor Cleaning Company our business is the cleaning and restoration of your floor to an exceptional finish.  Our team are highly experienced and our system enables us to provide an outstanding service to you, our clients.

There are so many hard floor surfaces available today including;



Marble & Granite

Natural Stone

Ceramics and Porcelain

Vinyls, Rubber and Linoleum

Each one of these requires a different type of cleaning.  It is therefore essential that you employ someone with the knowledge, skills and experience to undertake this type of specialist work. Flooring manufacturers often recommend the use of sealants, or polishes to protect the floor.  Our teams are on hand to advise and provide this service. 

Longer Lasting Floors Through Regular Expert Cleaning

Floor Care is the most important message a client can give their customers, a clean and tidy building and having a pristine floor without a doubt leads the way. Deep cleaning your hard floors can instantly improve the appearance of any building and our highly trained teams can tackle all hard floor surfaces to help increase the life of your floor, which is a huge investment. We suggest our clients put in place a regular periodical clean to hard floors to keep them at their best and get the longest life from them, but we also provide a one off service.

Our work includes: 

  • Stone floor cleaning - sealing, polishing and waxing

  • Hardwood floor cleaning - buffing, polishing and waxing

  • Laminate floor - cleaning and buffing

  • Marble, Granite, Limestone, Quarry, Ceramic and Terrazzo Floor cleaning - sealing, buffing, and polishing

  • Vinyl floor cleaning - stripping, sealing and buffing



We also use our own branded floor strippers, sealants, floor polishes and maintainers so you rest assured we use the best materials for your floors, we want to keep your floors clean and well maintained to your specifications, your investment is our priority, to keep floors at their best.

Floor Maintenance, Specialist Cleaning & Polishing of Commercial Flooring

We have over 30 years of experience cleaning floors. All staff are fully trained to use buffing and scrubbing rotary floor machines. With so many different types of floorings on the market, it is essential to match them with the right products and equipment. Once we have surveyed a floor we then decide on the correct course of action and solutions to clean it. We clean a wide range of floors including tiled, laminate, vinyl, wood, marble and safety flooring.

With over 30 years cleaning experience, we have the

know-how you need!


Get in touch today for a free quote on 0800 0234 058.

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