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We supply our customers with a full and integrated range of washroom services designed to complement any commercial or industrial washroom with high quality products, service and systems. We can supply a diverse range of air fresheners, sanitisers, disposal units and vending systems nationwide.

  • Sanitary Hygiene Bins

  • Air Fresheners

  • Soap Dispensers

  • Hand Dryers

  • Sanitisers

  • Water Management Systems

  • Vending Machines

  • Baby Changing Range

  • Sani Sleeve

  • Urinal Deodorisers

  • Clinical Nappy Bins

  • Floor Matting

Ashley Cleaning Services offers a comprehensive range of products and services to enhance your washroom environment and meet the needs of your clients, visitors and employees. Whether you are responsible for a series of multi-storey buildings or a single office, we will make sure every item has been serviced to the highest standards.

Our full and integrated range of washroom services have been designed to complement any commercial or industrial washroom with high quality products, service and systems.

The products and services listed are our core offering however if you are looking for something not listed, please do not hesitate in giving us a call or email and we will endeavour to found a solution for your needs.


Vending services

Give your staff and customers everything they'll ever need from their washroom, with the installation of a wall mounted vending machine. Ensure you're prepared for every emergency with an array of vending services that offer important sanitary units and personal products for both male and female users.

Feminine hygiene systems

For a clean and professional washroom environment, high quality feminine hygiene systems are crucial. From commercial to corporate organisations, we provide exceptional collection and disposal services for feminine hygiene waste that complies with all relevant environmental standards and workplace regulations.

Soap dispensers

We provide stylish, contemporary soap dispensers to complete any washroom to the highest standard. Whether it's for the factory floor or an executive washroom - this attractive unit is guaranteed to dispense soap in a clean and stylish manner. Available in a variety of finishes, our soap dispensers can be personalised to match your business or branding, and can be supplied with your choice of foam or liquid soap.

Automatic ozone generator

The 'Prozone' automatic ozone generator recreates the natural generation of ozone, destroying harmful micro-organisms to neutralise unpleasant smells and leave an attractive and fresh washroom environment. Able to penetrate the most inaccessible locations, the ozone generation process leaves no chemical residue and all 'unused' ozone reverts to oxygen within a short time.

Air fresheners

Give your clients, customers and staff a fresh-smelling and welcoming washroom environment with our range of air fresheners. The air freshener system will deliver regular bursts of fresh-smelling fragrance to keep malodours at bay and give all visitors a pleasant washroom experience.

Urinal flush control

With the innovative 'Sensaflush' urinal flush control system, you can reduce your organisation's environmental impact whilst reducing costs. The unique Sensaflush system has been designed to drastically reduce water consumption by eliminating unnecessary and expensive waste.

Nappy/Medical Disposal Service

Our nappy and medical disposal service is designed to ensure the safe and reliable disposal of soiled nappies and medical waste. Each unit is dosed with high energy germicidal powder, Neutrawaste, which is used to deactivate pathogens and destroy offensive odours in your washrooms.

Toilet seat sanitiser system

Toilet seat sanitiser systems give your washroom users the opportunity to personally clean surfaces, providing an additional service that works alongside our comprehensive range of communal hygiene and sanitary systems.

We provide feminine hygiene and washroom services in London and Nationwide.
We are dedicated to providing a full range of commercial cleaning services nationwide, from periodic deep cleans, one off cleans, high level cleaning, specialist floor cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, builders cleans, commercial property cleans, leisure cleans to include tennis court cleaning, retail deep cleans and escalators, commercial kitchen cleaning, food production areas, hospital deep clean, clinical waste disposal and communal area clean.


With over 30 years cleaning experience, we have the

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