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Emergency Covid-19 Cleaning Hotline

Ashley Cleaning is a national Facility Management & Environmental Service company specialising in Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial and Disinfection Services.


Let us help your business be Covid-19 Secure with our Commercial Deep Cleaning Services LONDON |MANCHESTER | BIRMINGHAM



Ashley Cleaning is a national Facility Management & Environmental Service company specialising in Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial and Disinfection Services.

  • 44 Years of Professional Industry Expertise

  • Highly Trained, Insured & Certified Technicians

  • Nationwide Commercial Coverage for Any Project of Any Size

  • Unconditional Quality & Care for Every Client


In these unprecedented times and as part of the effort to help businesses impacted by COVID-19, ASHLEY CLEANING is responding to the current global pandemic by offering a groundbreaking contract cleaning and sanitising solution for businesses and facilities. The problem that most businesses face today is that common surface touch points (door handles / knobs, elevator buttons, light switches, for example) may be cleaned with disinfectants but, within hours of disinfection and continued use, microbial contaminants can begin to grow.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the perception of public health. In today’s climate, the hygiene of your infrastructure is crucial. It is important that companies mitigate the exposure of deadly airborne pathogens to their employees and clients by adopting the appropriate disinfection and decontamination practices.

Our mission is to ensure you maintain a clean and healthy environment while preventing any disruption of service to your facilities and that your employees benefit from a safe & healthy workplace. By working with our team of specialists you can feel confident knowing that your company has taken preventative measures during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the days and weeks to come.

Our top priority is the health and welfare of your employees. It’s important for us to enhance the confidence of those working in environments where exposure to health risks are high.


We have made a significant financial investment in fogging equipment that will allow us to disinfect large facilities at a rapid rate. The electrostatics sprayers add an electric charge to the disinfectant solution when they are sprayed. This makes the droplet of disinfectant electrically stronger than the surface or the item it is treating and reacts like a magnet.

The solution we use cleans, disinfects, deodorises and sanitises a wide range of surfaces and has an alkaline pH proven to kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses such as COVID-19 Coronavirus, and many others.

We are committed to providing a clean and sanitary workplace for your employees, as well as additional services in the unfortunate event of employee Coronavirus Covid-19 infection. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on 0800 0234 058.

Commercial Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting

Improper decontaminating practices can be a health hazard, especially during a pandemic.

Environmental cleaning and decontamination can help limit human exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses. The safest way to ensure a complete application of the most appropriate sanitising solutions is to hire qualified professionals who are experienced in biohazard remediation and cleaning.

At Ashley Cleaning, we have over 30 years of cleaning experience and are committed to ensure your commercial facility is spotlessly clean, our daily contracts consists of:-

  • Commercial: Retail centers, banks, business offices, and managed properties.

  • Industrial: Warehouses, manufacturing plants, and shipping centres.

  • Civic: Schools, colleges, religious centres, and government buildings.

  • Mixed-Use: Fitness centres, restaurants, and day care centres.

  • Medical: Dental practices, walk-in clinics, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.


To request an ASHLEY CLEANING Fogging service, contact us:-

  • Call our Covid19 hotline at 0800-234-058

  • Complete this short Cleaning Request form. A representative will contact you.


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