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COVID19 Fogging Decontamination Services London

At Ashley Cleaning Services we are helping to ensure London is CORONAVIRUS free.

We are specialists at the cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in the context of COVID-19.


COVID-SECURE Disinfection cleaning & fogging services - NATIONWIDE.

Fogging is a quick way to disinfect large areas and allow them to be returned to normal use.

We use a fogger machine to generate a cloud of very small droplets of a disinfectant liquid.

The droplets reach all round the area and settle on top of, underneath and on the sides of many objects. The droplets can cover surfaces that are difficult to reach using conventional cleaning methods and can also be used on a wider range of surfaces that include textiles.

Until the risk of COVID-19 has been eliminated, taking adequate hygiene measures will remain an essential part of health and safety.

As a businesses or organisation in London, you can provide assurance to employees, customers, students, patients or visitors that you’re protecting their health and wellbeing on your premises by cleaning and disinfecting regularly.

A disinfection service carried out by our specially trained and experienced technicians using approved equipment and disinfectant solutions will provide peace of mind that you can maintain use of your facilities safely and legally.

Call us to book your fogging sanitisation treatment on 0800 0234 058.

One thing is for sure that fogging is here to stay and is currently the only way of thoroughly de-contaminating all type of premises including hotels, schools, offices, shops etc and categories of transport including coaches, aircraft, ships, trains, in fact anywhere that the people are brought together in a close environment.

The public will have come to demand that every care is taken to reduce their risk of ill-health in public places, whether it be from norovirus, coronavirus or any other flu-like infection. And that's where Ashley Cleaning can help your business stay one step ahead.


Our equipment deals rapidly and effectively with an extensive list of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds including the notorious MRSA, VISA and VRE bacteria’s, E-coli, HIV-1, Hepatitis B and C and Poliovirus.

The unique biocide combination is also effective against Coronavirus, Type A Influenza viruses; this group includes Swine Flu, Chinese and Japanese Flu strains, Wisconsin Avian Influenza and SARS.


We are keeping in touch with all our valued clients to let you know that we are currently carrying out a Decontamination Fogging Service to prevent any chance of the Coronavirus spreading. We will ensure that any areas that germs could spread will be cleaned. We are deemed as an essential service and are still working 24/7.


At Ashley Cleaning we provide Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Universities, Care Homes, Supermarkets, Manufacturing Warehouses, GP Surgeries, Constructions Sites, Clothes Shops, Cafes, and all public spaces the latest specialised cleaning technology called 'fogging'. Our full sanitisation and disinfection fogging process uses powerful virucidal germicides, leaving all surfaces sanitised and virus free.

By using specialist powerful dry steam fogging machines, we are able to cover vast areas without missing any surfaces or the need to wipe afterwards. The sanitiser lands dry on all surfaces hard or soft, without causing any harm and offers a full covering of disinfectant.

Coronavirus Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Our Cleaning Teams are in your area providing essential precautionary deep cleaning virus protection services. We provide Coronavirus Sanitisation Carpet Cleaning service as a precautionary clean or for suspected and confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID19.

We can supply you and your staff with product, equipment and training to help them know how to effectively sanitise surfaces to retain the 24 hour efficacy and keep protection in your building. Our COVID-19 sanitising teams are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.


0800 0234 058


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