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Is Your Workspace COVID-Secure?

Ensure your Business is COVID-Secure before your employees return to work with our Decontamination Fogging Cleaning Service. London | Enfield | Manchester | Birmingham


What is a Covid-secure workplace?

With the latest Government advice yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated 'We want it to be safe for you to get back to work'. To ensure you are safe at work we have been working to establish new guidance for employers to make workplaces COVID-Secure. In his speech, the Prime Minister did not go into exact detail explaining what it would entail to make a workplace Covid-secure.

However, several outlets have seen documents covering such guidance, detailing how businesses including hotels, restaurants, food factories and warehouses will operate in “Covid-secure” environments. Ashley Cleaning have decontamination service plans that offer you and your employees the confidence to return to work, knowing you’re in a safe environment.


At Ashley Cleaning we provide Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Universities, Care Homes, Supermarkets, Manufacturing Warehouses, GP Surgeries, Constructions Sites, Clothes Shops, Cafes, and all public spaces the latest specialised cleaning technology called 'fogging'. Our full sanitisation and disinfection fogging process uses powerful virucidal germicides, leaving all surfaces sanitised and virus free.

By using specialist powerful dry steam fogging machines, we are able to cover vast areas without missing any surfaces or the need to wipe afterwards. The sanitiser lands dry on all surfaces hard or soft, without causing any harm and offers a full covering of disinfectant.

We can supply you and your staff with product, equipment and training to help them know how to effectively sanitise surfaces to retain the 24 hour efficacy and keep protection in your building. Our COVID-19 sanitising teams are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.




Get Your Business Ready for Re-Opening - Be COVID-Secure

By choosing Ashley Cleaning Services London, you can start preparing your business for re-opening once advised that is safe to do so. With our fogging deep cleaning services you can ensure a safe and hygienic workplace for your employees and visitors.

Different surfaces require different cleaning regimens, and the plan should consider the frequency of contact and the various types of materials. We recommend considering removal of soft, porous surfaces (such as rugs and soft seating) to streamline and simplify cleaning with the disinfection processes.

For indoor areas, places that have been unoccupied for at least seven days require only routine sanitisation cleaning, as COVID-19 has not been shown to survive on surfaces for longer than that period of time. However, a building that has been shut down for some time may require other considerations when reopening.

Outdoor areas, generally, need only to be cleaned and do not need to be disinfected (with some caveats, such as bars and restaurants with outdoor areas). The Guidance also notes that pools, hot tubs, and other water play areas that have been properly maintained (for example, chlorinated) should not be a source of infection. However, we do recommend a precautionary deep clean to all areas to maintain cleaning standards at this time.

Carpets, Soft Furnishings, steam cleaning is effective against germs on carpets and furnishings. Our Coronavirus Carpet Cleaning service can santise your carpets with our steam clean and disinfection process, professional methodology, and commercial-grade cleaning products.

Reopening after Disinfectant Cleans

  • Your business or premises will be ready to reopen or use immediately after the wipe down cleans or spray method cleans.

  • With the fogging method, the areas need to be left for 6 hours to be fully free of bacteria and virus before reuse.

Our logistics, business infrastructure and technology which is already in place from dealing with contamination in the workplace, allow us to transition you through the COVID-19 decontamination process whilst keeping you or your business fully updated from first attendance to sign-off.

COVID-SECURE Disinfection cleaning & fogging services - NATIONWIDE.

Our professional Coronavirus Fogging Decontamination Cleaning and Antiviral Sanitisation Cleaning Services can be used as a precautionary measure in the workplace or home, even if there are no suspected or confirmed cases.

Fogging – Using the fogging method our specialist cleaners will cover all surfaces within the space/confined area including crockery, items in the kitchens, desk spaces and items on desks in offices and every nook and corner of a room/communal area. Fogging kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This process leaves your premises as infection-free as is possible. Our professional coronavirus deep cleaning service is the comprehensive available. We understand the importance of sanitising properly all surfaces, touch points, floors, any equipment and furniture.

We want to help you get back in business safely so that you can focus on other areas of your business without worrying about cleaning and hygiene.

To enquire about our Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Services, call us today on 0800 0234 058. Be Covid-Secure!


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May 21, 2020

nice article. visit our website to safeguard your premises with antiviral sanitisation cleaning services provided by experienced professionals.Safeguard your premises with antiviral sanitisation cleaning services provided by experienced professionals.

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