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Covid-19 Cleaning & Decontamination (Rapid Response)

Professional Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfecting Company

London | Manchester | Birmingham | Leeds

Helping local hospitals, schools, churches and businesses

Ashley Cleaning Services Limited is a Nationwide cleaning company that specalises in commercial cleaning. We are one of the top rated cleaning companies in London to tackle Covid-19. Call us today for a free quote on 0800 0234 058.

  • Hospitals

  • Private Clinics

  • Ambulances

  • Funeral Homes

  • Stadiums and Arenas

  • Convention Centres

  • Retail Spaces

  • Commercial Offices

  • Daycares

  • Schools

  • Assisted Care Facilities

  • Hotels

  • Veterinary Clinics

  • Restaurants

  • Spas & Health Facilities

  • Athletic and Fitness Clubs

  • Transportation Hubs

  • Churches

  • Religious Buildings

  • Supermarkets and General Stores

  • Doctors’ Offices

  • Airports

At Ashley Cleaning Services we understand that daily operations are the main concern of businesses and every day you are out of business due to COVID-19 is a lot of revenue loss.

That is why we have a 24 hour turnaround day or night to get your business back into operations if you ever have an outbreak. Our main priority is to protect employees, customers and the general public.

We target high traffic areas and touch points like entryways, footpaths, lobbies, office spaces, computers, desks, keyboards, shopping trollies, rails, and counters.

Our experts are trained to see and find all touch points that may not come easily to the untrained eye like lift buttons.

Public facilities and businesses with confirmed cases of COVID-19 will need a customised protocol specific to the site plans to ensure proper protocols are met.

Disinfectant Fogging

At Ashley Cleaning Services we offer a antimicrobial alternative to our touch point cleaning services. This antimicrobial is plant-based and helps kill microbes and Covid-19.

This alternative is also a hospital grade disinfectant as well as EPA registered to fight against Covid-19.

Not only does this antimicrobial alternative clean, disinfect and deodorise, but you do not have to worry about any harsh fumes. It is also a multi-purpose germicide, fungicide and virucide product. It’s low toxicity levels and leaving no residue behind makes this a great option.

We offer electrostatic spraying and ULV fogging to help protect your facility. Our number 1 priority is to keep your employees and customers feeling safe!

We will also leave a Completion Certificate to show proof of disinfecting & sanitising.

Disinfect - Sanitise - Protect


Sanitising a surface helps reduce germs to a safe and healthier level. Sanitising can also help reduce the spread of harmful diseases. Sanitise surfaces like floors, counters, upholstery or air ducts.


You need to disinfect to kill harmful germs in your business. Disinfecting kills and destroys germs on a surface after cleaning, and can further lower the risk of spreading infection of a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. It is best to disinfect frequently touched surfaces and surfaces likely to harbor harmful viruses and pathogens.


Now more than ever, it is important to keep your environment safe. Sanitising and disinfecting your workplace on a regular basis can go a long way to ensure you protect your business and valued customers. We use commercial grade, EPA Registered disinfectants and sanitisers along with cutting edge technologies to rid your home and business of these harmful pathogens.

Take 3 Easy Steps to ensure your workspace is covid free

Step 1: Call Us For a Free Consultation and Scheduling

We are ready to assist you with cleaning & disinfecting 24/7. Call us anytime and our technicians can advise you with the next best steps or schedule your service appointment within 24 hours.

Step 2: Our Certified Technicians Arrive On-Site

Our certified technicians will carry your project to completion. Upon arriving, they will do a walkthrough of the scope of work, then proceed to prepare for the service to start.

Step 3: Start and Completion of Cleaning & Disinfecting Service

Our team keeps you updated throughout the entire project. From the time you schedule to the time we arrive, you will have frequent communication and updates till completion of service.

Contact us today for a free estimate to Sanitise & Disinfect your facility. Keep your customers and employees feeling safe!

Ashley Cleaning Services is open for business as normal and we have implemented the recommended measures by the Government and UK Chief Medical Officers to help reduce the risk of infection in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. As a Deep cleaning services provider and Responsive cleaning specialists, we have a role and a duty to serve and to join the fight against Coronavirus.

Our COVID-19 Deep cleaning services include:

  • Coronavirus Deep Cleaning, Disinfecting & Decontamination

  • Fogging

  • Back to work Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Workplace decontamination

  • Welfare Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Construction site Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Office space Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Commercial premises Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

We are responding proactively to the Covid-19 pandemic by arranging for our dedicated operatives to attend a specialist infection control training course with a particular emphasis on the Coronavirus, in association with the BICSc, all of our staff have been provided with hand sanitiser, appropriate PPE and we have stocked up on disinfectant products in order to keep up with the increasing demand for our services.


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