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Car Showroom Covid 19 Coronavirus Cleaning Services

Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) - Car Showroom Dealership Cleaning Services. Our highly experienced teams of commercial cleaning professionals are well versed in the specific requirements of the car showroom.


Reopening of Car Dealerships

With the welcome announcement that Car Dealerships are able to open from June 1st, it is essential that hygiene safety measures are put into place to keep staff and customers protected from spreading or catching Coronavirus.

We have already been working in car dealerships throughout the pandemic providing Fogging to decontaminate showrooms, offices, washrooms and also of the demonstrator cars on display. This has ensured that when opening the environment is safe and already decontaminated. Ple

We have a new range of services targeted at infection prevention and control. For a full list of what we offer please see our Coronavirus Decontamination and Prevention page.

Now that customers are going to be able to look at and potentially test driving vehicles we have implemented a new vehicle cleaning regime using a virucidal cleaner for your valeters to follow. It focuses on high touch point areas of the car to minimise any risk of spreading infection.

We clean car showrooms across London, and have Nationwide coverage.

Make Your car dealership a Safe Space When You Re-Open

The team at Ashley Cleaning Services understand if you're a car showroom, your focus will be on retail, servicing & selling - perhaps not on showroom cleaning. That's why our professional deep cleaning fogging services are designed to let your showroom work harder for you.

New Government guidelines set out last week have stressed the importance of cleanliness in car showroom environments in order for sites to stay open. We are helping our existing car showroom clients, as well as new clients to meet the new legislation by carrying out regular deep cleans of their welfare facilities on construction sites, either on a daily or weekly basis depending on their requirements.

We are also still continuing with our usual deep cleaning works so that our clients don’t fall behind with their main projects.

During a period of closure, dirt, bacteria and grime may have built up and you will want to ensure you minimise the spread of harmful bacteria that poses a risk to people.

If you need to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces, your business will need more than just cleaning – it needs disinfecting too.

High levels of hygiene and cleanliness can be achieved by investing in professional deep cleaners who have the expertise, experience and utilise the correct resources to properly disinfect your commercial property. 


A 5 star showroom cleaning service that reflects the quality of your vehicles

At Ashley Cleaning Services we believe that within a car showroom or dealership, it's all about providing a great buying experience. Through maintaining a clean and fresh appearance at all times, we can help you make the right first impression on visitors (and potential clients) - in turn enabling you to positively influence car sales. Our automotive clients include Audi, BMW, Land Rover and Mini.

What our cleaning service involve?

We carry out the regular deep cleaning on site, then focus on the high risk regular touch points of the building, which include:

  • Door handles and push plates

  • Floor maintenance

  • Window cleaning & sanitising

  • Fogging of car interiors

  • Light switches

  • Phones

  • Computer keyboard and mouse

  • Laptops

  • Toilet and kitchen taps

  • Toilet flush

  • Hand soap, towel and toilet roll dispensers

  • Stair hand rails

  • Desks

  • Lunch room tables

We ensure that all the large areas of glass frontage and high shine flooring found in Showrooms are all as clean and shiny as the cars, ensuring the only thing to notice in the showroom is the offers you have on.

With Ashley Cleaning taking care of your Daily Contract Cleaning, you will have an edge over your competition as soon as the customer walks in the door!

We provide our Car Dealership and Showroom Cleaning Services to individual dealerships or franchise networks throughout the UK.

Professional car showroom cleaning has a number of advantages:

  • To ensure that areas such as windows and other surfaces all look as clean and shiny as the cars you are selling. Customers coming and going can rest assured that your premises is covid free.

  • Floor Maintenance. Showrooms generally have hard floors with gleaming tiles and this has a huge impact on the look and feel of the area around your cars.

  • Carpets. If you have carpeting in the service or reception area, keeping that clean as everyone comes and go can be difficult. A deep clean once in a while can make a huge difference as carpets are high traffic areas.

  • Then there are all the other areas that you often forget about on busy days such as the offices, toilets and the coffee station which really need to be kept hygienically clean.

With lockdown restrictions easing we are busy making sure that our clients, new and old, are putting in to place essential hygiene and disinfection cleaning procedures to help keep staff and customers safe, in turn helping to reduce the r rate of COVID-19.

Our clients include schools, shops, offices, industrial units, factories, manufacturing workplaces, commercial spaces, car showrooms, cafes, leisure centres and also passenger and commercial vehicles within the transport industry.

Fast action is required to ensure you are ready to open your business by the lockdown deadlines.






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