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Car Dealership Decontamination Fogging Services London | UK

Car and Motorbike Showroom Dealerships must ensure they are COVID-19 Secure, call us today on 0800 0234 058 for help and support.


Ensuring the safety of your customers is paramount at this unprecedented time. First impressions are important, but in car and motorbike sales, at this time can be crucial.


At Ashley Cleaning Services, we have been in the industry for over 30 years, so you can rest assure we know more than anyone what clean means!

We offer a daily cleaning service and create a regular timetable of basic cleaning and maintenance tasks. Including Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning.


At Ashley Cleaning we perform a deep cleaning service to prevent any chance of Coronavirus spreading. We will ensure that any common areas that germs could spread will be cleaned. We carry out deep cleaning on site, then focus on the high risk regular touch points of the building. These areas are cleaned with either a virucidal and bactericidal bleach based disinfectants, or superheated steam, as recommended by the centre for disease control.


Use government guidance as a minimum - We strongly suggest every business owner reads The Health and Safety Executive points to government guidance, its guide for employers is linked here COVID-19: guidance for employers and businesses


The Ashley Cleaning Virus Prevention Service is a service to support Facilities Managers & Car Showroom Office Managers in preventing COVID-19 and other well known viruses in your workplace and help protect the safety of your Staff.

Ashley Cleaning Services London and throughout the UK provides a full Deep Clean Service should your site be required to do so or should you like to carry out a precautionary deep clean. Our Deep Sanitising Cleaning Services includes sanitising to all touch points, surfaces, washrooms, floors, equipment and is tailored to suit your site specifications.

If a coronavirus COVID-19 case was present in a place, while symptomatic, decontamination is of the essence. However with the current situation it is highly recommended to deep clean any public place, work environment, school or premises so as to make sure that there is proper disinfection of all surface areas, equipment, and the disposal of any materials from which the virus could pass on to anyone in the said place. We make use of protective equipment and specialised cleaning tools and methods to carry out extensive deep cleaning.

Your Emergency is our Everyday. As you may imagine our coronavirus deep cleaning services are currently in high demand. We are striving to offer our services as efficiently as ever, and we also have an emergency 24 hour coronavirus cleaning service in place. We are committed to provide you with rapid emergency response on a 24/7 basis throughout the UK, as your peace of mind matters to us.

Why choose us?

  • Fogging treatment that kills COVID-19

  • Contract cleaning on a timescale to suit your needs

  • Highly experienced cleaners who get fantastic results

  • Carpet Cleaning and Floor Polishing

  • Window Cleaning

  • Hygiene and Janitorial Supplies

  • Window Cleaning

  • Pest Control Services

call us on 0800 0234 058 BOOK ONLINE!


Don’t risk your business or health!

Call today on 0800 234 058 to speak with an experienced covid-19 professional,

we deliver an emergency same day response time.


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