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Agricultural COVID Cleaning Services -Nationwide

Supporting Farming and Agriculture Industries with COVID-19 Emergency Fogging Services, Deep Cleaning Services and Daily Cleaning Services - 0800 0234 058.


Ashley Cleaning Services operates a specialised agricultural cleaning division ideal for undertaking any aspect of cleaning for the farming and agriculture community. Our services include shed clearances, pressure washing and the removal of waste from site if required.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the agricultural and farming industries have a high priority to ensure hygiene is a key factor in daily practises. Keeping equipment and all areas clean and sanitised can be problematic due to the nature of this work. However, Ashley Cleaning Services is here to ensure that your facilities are properly cleaned and we have Nationwide presence to ensure all your facilities throughout the country are met with the highest of standards. Some of the Farming and Agriculture services we provide are:-

  • Milking parlour deep cleaning

  • Poultry farm sanitisation deep cleaning

  • Aviary anti-virus cleaning

  • Kennels / Catteries

  • Livestock farm cleaning

  • Animal rescue centres

  • Stables

  • Veterinary Surgeries

  • High level cleaning

  • Pressure cleaning

  • Machinery sanitation

  • Exterior Building Cleaning

  • Stone and brickwork jet cleaning

  • Plant and machinery fogging

  • Vehicles, sanitisation and fogging

We have long term established working relationships with our agricultural and farming customers who have come to expect our high standard of cleanliness and attention to detail. Whether we are providing total cleaning services for large farm buildings, animal rescue centres or your veterinary surgery you can be assured we will meet your expectations.

We have an efficient and industrious nationwide workforce team as well as the necessary machinery and equipment to complete each job. You can expect our team to take the necessary measures to ensure even the most difficult areas are cleaned. We have over 30 years cleaning experience, so we have the know-how you need!

covid agricultural building cleaning

Stricter regulations of farm buildings mean that regular intensive cleaning is vital and becoming more and more expensive.

Ashley Cleaning Services provides the solution for ensuring hygiene standards are met with efficient specialist fogging deep-clean as well as dust extraction and facility cleanliness and good housekeeping for safe business operations.

The high performance of our fogging cleaning systems reduces cleaning time ensuring that expensive machinery and equipment is available for use when you need it the most.


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