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Coronavirus Deep Clean - London Decontamination Cleaning Services

Ashley Cleaning Services offers specialist decontamination fogging cleaning from Coronavirus (Covid-19). Coronavirus deep clean service for your workplace. Call us today for a free quote on 0800 0234 058.

More than a commercial cleaning vendor, Ashley Cleaning London is your experienced business partner with 30 years professional cleaning experience. Rely on Ashley Cleaning's certified and background-checked commercial cleaners to:

  • Protect your image, occupants, and bottom line.

  • Understand and meet your unique commercial cleaning challenges.

  • Use our industry-specific experience to offer proactive solutions that help you save time and costs.

  • Support a clean, attractive, healthy, and safe environment that promotes productivity and satisfaction.

Looking for a commercial cleaning services provider in London that understands the business value of providing a clean and safe environment? Trust Ashley Cleaning to be your true partner, with:

  • Flexible scheduling including after-hours and weekends to minimise disruption.

  • Proactive Maintenance Programs that extend the working life of your assets and saves you money.

  • Dedicated account executive ready to response with professional, prompt service.

At Ashley Cleaning we can care for all of your commercial cleaning needs: commercial air duct cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, commercial tile and grout cleaning, area rug cleaning, natural stone cleaning and care, and concrete cleaning.

Covid-19 Deep Cleaning & Fogging for Businesses in London

Keeping your business premises germ and virus free is essential during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ashley Cleaning can help with our special Covid-19 Deep Cleaning and Fogging services. Using the very latest cleaning methods and products, we have created a thorough cleaning strategy that will ensure your whole workplace is fully sanitised. Our specialised cleaning equipment and PPE allows us to clean your premises to the very highest standard with the least amount of disruption.

Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Services

It is well known that coronavirus can be passed on via contact with contaminated surfaces. As you would expect, cleaning the most commonly touched surfaces e.g. door handles, light switches, telephones, bannisters, etc. is extremely important. However, we will do more. We will ensure that all surfaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned including those in high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, meeting rooms and reception areas. Everything from doors, floors, skirting, chairs, desks, monitors, appliances and lifts will be decontaminated. For smaller areas, we will clean surfaces using a damp cloth and the recommended grade of cleaning solution. For larger areas, we will use our steam fogging machines to sanitise thoroughly and efficiently.

Covid-19 Fogging

Our powerful steam fogging machines are able to sanitise and disinfect vast areas quickly without missing any surfaces. We use a government approved virucidal germicide in our fogging machines. Although very powerful, it is 100% environmentally friendly and effective against a broad spectrum of viruses. When in operation, our fogging machines produce large volumes of fine mist which lands on both hard and soft surfaces without causing any harm. This method ensures that every area of your premises is reached and every surface is properly sanitised. In addition, our fogging process can keep your business disinfected and virus free for up to 60 days.

Our COVID-19 Service includes:

• Coronavirus Sanitisation

• Virucidal Sanitising

• Full Fogging X-Mist

• Germicide & Sanitiser

• Decontamination Cleaning

• Disinfection of Equipment

• Disinfection of Hard Surfaces

• Immediate Response

• Health & Safety Compliant

• Effective & Affordable

Cost of Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Services

The cost of our Covid-19 deep cleaning and fogging services depends on the size of the area to be cleaned. Please feel free to get in touch for more information or a quote.

Our Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Availability

We are currently trying to keep to a 3 working day turnaround for deep cleans. However, this may change as the pandemic progresses. For any premises with a confirmed case of Covid-19, we would not be able to begin our deep clean for a minimum of 72 hours. This is to protect our staff from the risk of infection.

Fully Accredited COVID19 Cleaning Specialists

Based in Enfield and covering all of London, we are a fully trained, qualified and equipped cleaning contractor. We are 100% focused on providing the very best in cleaning services and since 1987, this focus has seen us grow to become one of the leading commercial cleaning contractors in the country. We invest heavily in our team and our equipment to ensure that we can constantly exceed our customers expectations and needs.

We use the right cleaning chemicals on the right materials, and where possible we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and do not finish a cleaning job until it is truly cleaned top to bottom.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning services across London, please contact our head office on 0800 0234 058 or by emailing


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