We supply day staff - chambermaid services and room attendants to Hotels throughout London.

We offer a personalised chambermaid cleaning service to Hotels, Holiday Lets and B&B's in London. This includes the collection, washing, drying, ironing and delivery of towels and bedding.


Daily chambermaid services to hotels include cleaning tasks on assigned rooms, public areas and floor treatments.

  • Our dedicated staff will replenish towels, linen, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

  • Clean waste bins from the rooms, replenish tea & coffee etc supplies, drinking glasses and bathroom supplies.

  • Sweep, mop and polish floors to their required finish.

  • Dust window blinds and rearrange drapes to original placement.

The skills of your housekeeper team can be the difference between success and failure of your hotel.  It’s not just about having a clean and tidy room. The finishing touches through to the guest interactions all play a major part.  If you are interested in hiring our experienced housekeeper team, we would love to hear from you.

Our cost-effective housekeeping chambermaid services is underpinned by over 30 years of experience. We know that guests at any hotel have extremely high expectations for the room in which they will stay, and we offer a service to enable you to meet these expectations every day of the year.


Our housekeeping is efficient, effective and non-disruptive, leaving hotel rooms spotless and perfectly arranged.


Our cleaning team will take the time to familiarise themselves with your hotel particular room layout plan, enabling them to leave each room just as you like it.

We use the latest cleaning technology and our staff receive full training for every job assigned to them.

Our service always includes:

  • COSHH trained, uniformed and experienced cleaning staff

  • Our Personal Management System

  • Provision of all equipment included in the price

  • A responsible approach to Health & Safety

  • Environmentally aware working practices

  • Janitorial Supplies 

  • Feminine Hygiene Services

Hotel Lobby
Floor Polishing

We provide an extensive range of floor treatments to suit your commercial requirements. 

Janitorial Supplies

We supply a range of paper and plastic products, such as hand towels, black refuse sacks, toilet rolls and facial tissues.

feminine hygiene services
Washroom Services

We supply a diverse range of air fresheners, sanitisers, disposal units and vending systems nationwide.