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Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

We are experts in commercial kitchen deep cleaning services. We provide specialist kitchen decarbonising of equipment and duct-work cleaning for large restaurant chains, schools and hospital kitchens nationwide.

We provide a complete deep cleaning service to kitchens of all kinds: including pubs, clubs, restaurants, residential homes, nursing homes, staff canteens, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, hotels, fast food outlets, and catering establishments.

We deep clean shelving, free standing units, and appliances (including deep fryers, grills, flat cook tops, ranges, ovens, refrigerators and walk-in refrigerators). In a deep clean, ceilings, walls, floors, shelving, and doors are all hygienically cleaned by the method which suits that particular kitchen.

Our most discerning chefs and their customers depend on us to do it right the first time.

Ashley Cleaning Services | Commercial Kitchen Cleaning London
Ashley Cleaning Services | Commercial Kitchen Cleaning London


Decades of Experience in Hospitality
Over 30 years of experience cleaning pubs and restaurants throughout London has given our company time to perfect our techniques. We guarantee you will be impressed by the level of cleanliness we provide for your commercial kitchen.

Highly-Trained Staff
We perform a thorough vetting process for all staff members. Our team conducts background checks, reference checks, and comprehensive interviews. You can trust that our staff will be well-suited for cleaning your kitchen areas.

The Latest Industry Tools for High-Quality Results
Access to the latest equipment is an essential component of what we offer to make your commercial kitchen clean and sanitary.

You, your guests, and your culinary team all benefit from having a thoroughly clean and sanitary kitchen environment. At Ashley Cleaning Services, we set your restaurant up for success by ensuring everything in the kitchen is clean from top to bottom. We’ll keep your equipment sparkling and the entire kitchen environment healthy and spot-free.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning 

  • Equipment & Ovens: Breakdown and Detailed Cleaning

  • Hood Cleaning & Filters

  • Scrubbing Walls

  • Scrubbing Floors & Cleaning Drains

  • Cleaning Ceiling Vents

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Ashley Cleaning Services | Commercial Kitchen Cleaning London
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