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Ashley Cleaning Services | London


Cleaning a warehouse space can involve anything from high level specialist cleans for ventilation and air conditioning systems to deep cleaning of machine and part cleaning, in addition to the regular everyday cleans required for staff kitchens, canteen or office areas and everything in between. Warehouse spaces can range in size from large storage areas to complex pick and packaging automations.

We are aware of the subtleties of the spaces and the unique problems and requirements for cleanliness, hygiene, and H&S.

By operating during times of low traffic and integrating into your shift schedules, we adjust our services to your organization's needs, frequency, and circumstances in order to minimise disturbance to your operations.

Every crevice and corner of a warehouse and distribution centre can become contaminated with dust, dirt, stains, and grime. everything from the floors and walls to the windows and ceilings, as well as the equipment and racking, is covered. We can assist with any type of thorough cleaning, including those required after renovations, spill cleanups, and custom periodic cleaning schedules.

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With the use of cutting-edge technology, we can clean internal spaces without halting production, thereby reducing downtime and inconvenience. We are specialists in industrial cleaning, and we have procedures in place to prevent cross-contamination as well as all the equipment required to handle every part of a warehouse clean, from difficult stains on floors to window cleaning

In addition to standard cleaning tasks, you can request deep cleaning tasks, such as carpet & upholstery cleaning or external window cleaning. We also offer feminine hygiene and washroom services along with janitorial supplies.

Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire

London Warehouse, Industrial and Factory Cleaning Services
Professional warehouse cleaning services covers all aspects of a warehouse from floors being cleaned right through to machinery, walls, shelves, entrances and forecourts.

We understand that industrial organisations are constantly being challenged to reduced costs in cleaning and hygiene whilst balancing this with performance and environmental targets. The health and safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance. For all contracts we create site-specific risk assessments and method statements. We also provide COSHH datasheets, along with copies of our Health & Safety Policy.

We've been cleaning Industrial units 1987

Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire
Ashley Cleaning Services | London

We try to consistently improve and adapt our services as well as regularly respond to customer feedback. If you have a request that isn't on the list, let us know, and we'll try to fulfil it. From routine office cleaning services to thorough industrial deep cleaning, we are ready to provide you with exceptional results.

Since we have more than 30 years of experience, we are uniquely able to handle all industrial cleaning tasks, from degreasing machinery to cleaning factory floors and cladding. We employ a customised mix of industrial cleaning services. Get in touch to schedule a free site visit from one of our skilled cleaning specialists.

Interior Warehouse Cleaning Services

  • Equipment Deep Cleaning

  • Production Line Cleans

  • Sewage Leak Cleaning

  • Warehouse Floor Cleans

  • High-Pressure Washing

  • High-Level Walls, Window and Equipment Cleans

  • Equipment Blast Cleaning

  • Machine Cleaning and De-greasing

  • Biohazard Clean-ups

  • Waste Collection

  • Plant Room Cleaning

Exterior Warehouse Cleaning Services

  • Pressure washing

  • Chemical degreasing

  • Building facade cleaning

  • Graffiti removal

  • Oil spill cleaning

  • Canopy and facade cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • High-end professional cleanings

  • Cleanup of exterior signage

  • Patio cleaning and exterior jet washing

Ashley Cleaning Servcies | London
Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire

Hygiene and Washroom Services

We understand that running a successful and lucrative business requires always preserving a favourable first impression and preventing the spread of disease. Our knowledgeable and expert restroom cleaning service is ready to assist organisations in achieving the highest standards of hygiene.

With a flexible, discreet, and professional service to suit your specific needs, we work with commercial enterprises, hospitals, care facilities, medical practises, veterinary clinics, dentistry practises, and offices in the private and public sectors around London.

We take care of all aspects of your restroom hygiene requirements, from toilet cleaning services and routine deep cleaning to maintaining bathroom consumable stockpiles and providing safe and secure trash disposal.

Floor Polishing and Maintenance 

Our recurring and one-time hard floor cleaning solutions provide specialised approaches to expertly clean, safeguard, and preserve your hard floors. To help maintain your floors and extend their useful life, we collaborate with you to create a customised care plan.

To strip, restore, clean, polish, and seal your hard floors, we provide a comprehensive service. For a high-quality outcome, we perform little repairs, polish away scuffs, and seal floors.

With the right maintenance service, any finish may be enhanced. With committed cleaning staff, you can be sure that great care will be taken to keep your venue spotless and that consistently high standards will be upheld.

Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire
Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire

Consumable and Janitorial Supplies

Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire
Ashley Cleaning Services | London

We at Ashley Commercial Cleaning Services provide our customers from all company sectors in London a large selection of paper and plastic products like hand towels, black trash sacks, toilet paper, and paper goods.

No matter if it's bespoke luxury goods or low-priced, mass-produced paper goods, we can always supply the right products at the right price because we aren't tied to any one manufacturer or supplier. If we don't currently stock what you're looking for, we will do everything we can to find it for you.

We always recommend an environmentally friendly solution when one is available since we are concerned about the environment. That may be paper that is made responsibly and certified by CHSA, or it could be paper that is 100% recycled.

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