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prepare your carpets & hard floors for christmas 2018


Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning in london.

Let Ashley Cleaning Services prepare your carpets and hard floors with additional treatments to make them extra special this Christmas.

Regular and professional carpet cleaning can greatly extend the life of your carpet. Ashley Cleaning Services offer single occasion, monthly and bi-annual carpet maintenance programs to clean and protect your investment. Using our London steam cleaning specialists, we provide a nationwide service to ensure your upholstery, rugs and curtains are cleaned an refreshed using our maintenance program.

Don’t Let Dirty Office Carpets Dull Your Facility’s Reputation

Often when you walk into a London facility, the first thing you notice are the floors. This is because they stretch out in front of you, an unbroken expanse of either clean and well-maintained flooring or grimy, dull flooring, tiling or carpet that has seen better days. Well maintained floors are an integral part of your building and the overall image of your facility. Scuffed, dull and grimy floors or stained and worn carpet can signal to customers, employees, tenants and visitors a cumulative lack of satisfactory maintenance. While poorly cleaned flooring can leave a poor first impression, clean and shiny floors or fresh, spotless carpet also sends a message and can stand as a sign of the overall quality of both your facility and your business. Clean, well maintained flooring can elevate your professional image and provide a safe, healthy environment for anyone that enters your building.

Be the Envy Of Your Competitors, With The Best Hard Floor Surfaces

It is relatively easy to keep clean but Hard Floors need maintenance in order to keep them looking their best year after year, giving you more return on your original investment. Improperly or infrequently cleaned hard flooring can tarnish the overall image of your London facility. Periodic, well-timed hard floor cleaning can revive old floors making them like new again and protect the investment you have put into new flooring. We carry out all hard floor care treatments, including floor stripping, sealing, waxing and buffing for a myriad of hard floor surfaces. Commercial floor restoration quite often incorporates removing old sealers and finishes from flooring, cleaning, resealing with a long-lasting protectant/sealer and then buffing to the preferred gloss. The right hard flooring sealers help you to get more life from flooring by lessening scuffs and even offering protection against dirt and damage actually penetrating the floors surface.

We provide an extensive range of floor treatments to suit your commercial requirements.  Granite | Marble | Terrazzo | Mosaic | Tile | Quarry | Vinyl | linoleum | Thermo-plastic | Parquet & Polished Hardwood Flooring. Any finish can be improved with the correct care service.

Get the best Professional, Safe & Effective, Commercial Carpet Cleaning company in london to refresh your carpets and hard floors this christmas.

At Ashley Cleaning Services Limited we pride ourselves on the personal touch and give attention to detail. We have been providing the commercial industry with our bespoke services for the last 30 years; our clients are our number one priority.

It is our belief that corporate responsibility is essential to the achievement of our core business objective, which is to deliver sustained quality facility solutions in conjunction with client’s demands. This means that we seek to ensure that a responsible business practice is fully integrated into the management of our operations and into the culture of all divisions of our business.  We strive to continually improve our quality systems, health and safety policies and environmental charter via best practice, consultation and continuous improvement.  As a market leader, Ashley Cleaning Services use cutting edge technology in conjunction with a number of our national clients, working in partnership to reduce pollution and energy demands on our planet.  We are London's premier commercial office cleaning company, established in 1987. We have the know-how you need!


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