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Ashley Cleaning Services – London | Enfield | Hertfordshire


Ashley Cleaning Services understands how important it is for your health club's tennis and squash courts, eating areas, children's play areas, changing rooms, and shower areas to seem clean and professional for your gym's visitors, guests, and staff.

A fitness centre or leisure centre is possibly the most challenging sort of facility to clean. In addition to having specialised non-slip flooring and receiving a lot of abuse from consumers due to a mixture of bodily fluids, sweat, and fat deposits, they also have high foot traffic as a retail location. Therefore, it is imperative that you work with a reputable cleaning service.

Ashley Cleaning offers a customised cleaning service for each individual client and has years of experience overseeing the safe cleaning of recreational facilities. You will receive a full service from City Cleaning, which includes cleaning reception spaces and staff areas in addition to sanitising equipment and changing areas.

You will receive a full service from Ashley Cleaning, which includes cleaning reception spaces and staff areas in addition to sanitising equipment and changing areas.

Regardless of the amenities your gym or leisure centre offers, the way it is presented will directly affect how many people use it and how much money you make, so you must make sure it is sufficiently appealing to draw customers in on a regular basis.

While the majority of our leisure cleaning is done overnight or during off-hours, we will customise our services to your leisure centres' unique specifications in terms of frequency and situation.

Ashley Leisure Centre Cleaning Services – London | Enfield | Hertfordshire

Our expertise includes class rooms, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, changing/locker rooms, showers, restrooms, storage areas, reception areas, and hallways for all types of leisure, fitness, gym, and well-being organisations.

We've been cleaning since 1987

Ashley Cleaning Services – London | Enfield | Hertfordshire

At very affordable prices we offer cleaning services for fitness centres, health clubs, and recreation centres. We recognise that maintaining a clean image is important for your health club or recreation centre. Whether you need a clean daily, weekly or a deep clean once a month. 

Internal Cleaning of Leisure Centres

  • Grease extract ventilation and ducting

  • Cleaning and sanitising changing and shower areas

  • Reception and office area

  • Sauna and steam rooms cleaning

  • Sanitising sports equipment, machines and exercise mats

  • Cleaning of the cafe and refreshment areas

  • Window cleaning 

  • Carpet cleaning

External Cleaning of Leisure Centres

  • Canopy and facade cleaning

  • Window washing

  • High-end professional cleanings

  • Cleanup of exterior signage

  • Pay machine maintenance

  • Patio cleaning and exterior jet washing

  • Car park maintenance

  • Waste management outside

We continually respond to consumer comments and work to continuously enhance and modify our services. Let us know if you have a request that isn't on the list, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. We are prepared to give you excellent outcomes for everything from daily business cleaning services to extensive office cleaning.

Let's Work Together

Ashley Cleaning Servcies | London
Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire

Hygiene and Washroom Services

We are aware that maintaining a positive first impression and limiting the spread of disease at all times are essential components of operating a successful and lucrative business.
In order to help organisations achieve the greatest levels of hygiene, our skilled and experienced restroom cleaning service is available.

We work with commercial businesses, hospitals, care facilities, medical offices, veterinary clinics, dental offices, and offices in the private and public sector across London, providing a flexible, discreet, and professional service to match your precise needs.

From toilet cleaning services and routine deep cleaning to managing bathroom consumable stocks and offering safe and secure waste disposal, we handle every facet of your restroom hygiene needs.

Floor Polishing and Maintenance 

Our regular and one-off hard floor cleaning services deliver bespoke solutions to expertly clean, protect and maintain your hard floors. We work with you to determine a tailored care plan to help preserve your floors and maximise their operational life.
We offer a complete service to strip, restore, clean, polish and seal your hard floors. We carry out minor repairs, polish out scratches and seal floors for a high quality result. 

Any finish can be improved with the correct care service. With dedicated cleaning operatives, you can be guaranteed that personal pride will be taken in the cleaning of your venue, and consistently high standards maintained.

Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire
Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire

Consumable and Janitorial Supplies

Ashley Cleaning Services | London | Enfield | Hertfordshire
Ashley Cleaning Services | London

At Ashley Commercial Cleaning Services we supply a wide range of paper and plastic products, such as hand towels, black refuse sacks, toilet rolls and paper products to our customers from all sectors of business throughout London. 

We are not bound to a single manufacturer or supplier, so we are always able to offer the correct products at the right price, whether they are bespoke luxury items or low-cost, mass-produced paper goods. If we don't have what you're searching for in stock, we will make every effort to locate it for you.

Because we care about the environment, we will always suggest a green solution when one is available. That may be paper that is 100 percent recycled or sustainably produced and certified by CHSA standards, or soaps and cleaning products that are eco-friendly and EU Ecolab approved.

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