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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning London UK

Refresh your carpets and upholstery with Cleaned by Ashley.

Now it is officially spring, why not give your furnishings a deep clean to start the season off with a clean slate. How many customers and employees enter your business every day? In a high-traffic area, there's a lot of dirt and residue left behind by customers and even previously used cleaning methods. Cleaned by Ashley will pre-treat spots and stains, to ensure they disappear. By choosing us as your commercial carpet cleaner, your floors will be spotless, sanitary, and odourless.

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Regular and professional carpet cleaning can greatly extend the life of your carpet. We offer single occasion, monthly and bi-annual carpet maintenance programs to clean and protect your investment. Using our steam cleaning specialists, we provide a nationwide service to ensure your carpets are cleaned and refreshed using our professional maintenance program.


Using our steam cleaning specialists provide a nationwide service to ensure your curtains and upholstery are cleaned and refreshed using our maintenance program. The final touches to your environment are normally the most expensive. Maintaining them on a regular basis will hold their colour, finish and remove any odours. 

Area Rugs

Whether it is a synthetic, hand woven wool or silk carpet, our cleaning methods will provide an outstanding clean appearance. By taking your office rug away to our specialist unit we can clean it carefully, under controlled conditions, to restore its natural beauty. We also offer a range of aftercare products from Scotch Guard and Flea, through to anti-static treatments.

Leather Cleaning

Our leather cleaning specialists will carefully identify your furniture’s leather. The number one, most important maintenance step to make your leather furniture last longer, is to Moisturise. Our professionals have a specialised leather cleaning products that will not only clean your leather but also moisturise and protect to keep it from drying out and cracking prematurely.


We provide an extensive range of floor treatments to suit your commercial requirements.  Granite | Marble | Terrazzo | Mosaic | Tile | Quarry | Vinyl | linoleum | Thermo-plastic | Parquet & Polished Hard Wood Flooring. Any finish can be improved with the correct care service. 

Concrete Cleaning

We offer power washing and cleaning services for your concrete or aggregate floors. We can remove years of dirt, grime and oil using our power washing and microbial remediation processes. We can transform your dirty and stained concrete into a concrete floor that is beautiful and one that resists stains. After your concrete floor has been thoroughly cleaned take your pick from our various decorative and protective finishes.

"Floors are one of the most costly assets in a business, that’s why it’s important to take care of them" - Craig | Ashley Cleaning

As one of London's most experienced carpet cleaners, Ashley Cleaning Services is your number one source when it comes to carpet and upholstery care. For over 30 years’ our customers have come to rely on prompt quality service at a reasonable price. Our reputation as an industry leader will ensure customers that the work performed in your business will not only meet, but often, exceed your expectations.

Every detail counts when it comes to being a high end commercial business – from the floor to the ceiling. That’s why Ashley Cleaning offers a service to clean upholstery on chairs or walls and curtain cleaning service to bring all the details to life. Call us today!


42% of consumers say floors are the first thing they look at when judging cleanliness. Tile and Carpet Cleaning offers deep cleaning services for an array of different floor types so you can enhance your image and extend the life of your floors. With Ashley Cleaning doing the heavy-lifting when it comes to keeping your floors clean, it leaves you more time to focus on your business.


With over 30 years of cleaning experience,

we have the know-how

you need!


Get in touch today for a free quote on 0800 0234058.


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