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give your office carpets a spring clean


Refresh your office carpets today!


Floors are one of the most costly assets in a business, that’s why it’s important to take care of them properly. Ashley Carpet Cleaning Services in London offers a full range of services that help prolong the life and appearance of your carpets and floors while keeping them ready for your business.

We are the commercial carpet cleaning specialists in London.


Enhance the image and life of your carpets today with Cleaned by Ashley Commercial Carpet Cleaning services Nationwide.


Mobile Plant - Our state-of-the-art vehicle is a mobile plant, not just a retro-fitted van.

Trained Technicians - Our technicians are certified in the approved methods of cleaning and revitalising commercial flooring.

Process - We achieve true deep clean with our process: pre-spray, agitate, re-spray and rinse.

Commercial Only - We are the only recognised service provider that focuses 100% on commercial-only accounts.

Quick Dry - The powerful extraction system allows carpet to dry within a couple of hours, not days.

24-hour Follow-up - We make contact within 24 hours after service to ensure satisfaction.


Think about how many customers and employees enter your business every day. In a high-traffic area, there's a lot of residue left behind by customers and even previously used cleaning methods. We'll pre-treat spots and stains, to ensure they disappear. Choosing to use Cleaned by Ashley as your commercial carpet cleaner, your floors will be spotless, sanitary, and odourless.

Fast Dry

The powerful extraction system allows carpet to dry within a couple of hours, not days!

Stain Repellent Program

Ask about our stain repellent program! Optional fiber-protector resists stains longer.


Every detail counts when it comes to ensuring your London office has the walk in wow factor for your clients – from the floor to the ceiling. That’s why Ashley Cleaning Services offer services to clean upholstery on chairs or walls and curtain cleaning service to bring all the details to life.

Complete facility management services in London.

Commercial facility managers in London know only too well that carpets are subject to high-traffic usage leaving dirty residue and stains. Regular carpet cleaning and deep carpet steam cleaning extends carpet life, maintains the professional look of your office and  facilities, and ensures a healthier office environment.

Ashley Cleaning Services professional carpet cleaning specialists use only the highest quality carpet cleaning products and the latest technology. Our carpet cleaning technicians are certified, specially trained in carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, stain removal and carpet encapsulation cleaning technology, bonded, and fully insured. Our complete London cleaning service begins with the application of carpet stain treatment to remove spots and stains.

Our programs include deep cleaning, steam cleaning, dry foam cleaning & encapsulation carpet cleaning. We also offer the latest green cleaning programs. By choosing Cleaned by Ashley as your commercial carpet cleaner specialist in London, your carpets and offices will be spotless, sanitary, and odourless. Our industry-leading commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance programs will keep your carpets looking like new and are suitable for all carpet types, including woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted, flat weave and carpet tiles. We will sanitise and clean your carpets quickly and efficiently, removing even the dirt you don’t see, including allergy-causing dust mites, salmonella and other bacteria.

With over 30 years of cleaning experience, we have the know-how you need!


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